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All prices are F.O.B. Origin. Customer is responsible for freight expenses. Prepaid freight expenses will be added to the invoice at the full best pricing discounted rate plus a $10.00 per invoice environmental liability surcharge. Prices are subject to change without notice. Minimum order of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Otherwise a fifteen Dollar ($15.00) handling fee will be added to the invoice (at sellers discretion). Custom orders are not subject to cancellation. Custom orders are subject to a 10% overrun or 10% under-run. Seller does not have specific information concerning how the products sold in this catalog will be used and does not know details concerning the method of use or procedures for use of any Product which may be employed in association with any particular product sold in this catalog. Not withstanding any suggestions or recommendations which seller of any other manufacturer of products advertising herein may have offered. All pricing of Products is at wholesale level. Customers are asked to seek closest distributor (see list) for retail sales.

Buyer affirms that no warranties have been made concerning fitness of product for the particular use employed by Buyer. Buyer acknowledges that it has not solely relied upon Seller's skill or judgment in selecting goods suitable for the particular use to which Buyer intends to put to use. SELLER HEREBY GIVES NOTICE AND BUYER AGREES THAT ANY STATEMENT MADE BY SELLER IN THE SALE OR ADVERTISING OF THE PRODUCTS SHALL NOT CREATE ANY WARRANTY THAT THE PRODUCT IS FIT FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. All such statements or descriptions are informational only and are not made or given as a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Buyer is solely responsible for determining the adequacy of each product for the particular use to which they are applied. Seller does not assume any responsibility for compliance with any Federal, State, or Local laws, rules, ordinances, or regulations. SELLER DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY WITH RESPECT TO THE GOODS CONTAINED HEREIN IS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF IDENTIFYING THE GOODS AND NO DESCRIPTION OF THE GOODS HAS BEEN MADE PART OF THE BASIS OF THE BARGAIN OR HAD CREATED AN EXPRESS WARRANTY THAT THE GOODS WOULD CONFORM TO ANY DESCRIPTION MADE BY SELLER.


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