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PowerMist Crate X-Treme

Crate Engine?
You need Crate X-treme and the potential for 30 + HP...
That come with it!

Don’t waste time or money in pump gas, E85 or Race / Pump gas blends.

Crate X-treme is Dyo proven to deliver up to 30 HP, 18-20 ft/lbs torque or more than a traditional Race / Pump gas blend. This fuel has been exhaustively Dynoed on the 6M 604 / HP650 combination and racers around the country could not be more pleased. Crate X-treme is the last best kept secret of tuners inthe know. Consistant, ultra clean burning,more power and better throttle response than any other fuel for this application. This is the only product made specifically engineered t extract maximum power from a crate motor. Nothing can compete with this product!!!

“Franky, I thought the more than 29 horsepower increase we saw in out first chassis dyno test of PowerMist’s Crate X-Treme fuel in a customer’s dirt late model was a fluke... some sort of anomaly. Then we saw nearly the same thing again a few days later in another test on a different car. Then we saw it again and again! This stuff is for real!!”

Stan Justus - Stallion Racing Components
December 2009

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