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Oxygenating Additive
Based on a totally new technology, this product delivers the advantages of Nitromethane, without the drawbacks. It is designed to extract the last bit of raw power from stock or modified engines. NITRO-X is a fuel exciter which increases RPM, changing the acceleration properties without producing heat or corrosion. It does not contain Nitromethane or propylene oxide. NITRO-X mixes with either gasoline or methanol. Carries 33% oxygen, a stealth product, will not show up under usual fuel test procedures in gasoline.

Oxygenating Additive
An alternative to Nitro-X. Even harder to detect while still providing the same advantages as Nitro-X. Gasoline use only.

Oxygenating Additive
A specialized version of Nitro-X, for methanol only; passes water test,meter test, sniffer and specific gravity test.

Oxygenating Additive
A Nitromethane based product which contains 33% Nitromethane along with 2 other high power oxygenates combined to increase the oxygen carrying capacity as well as produce a faster flame travel. NITRO PLUS is more powerful than Nitromethane alone, and is less corrosive. NITRO PLUS works in stock or modified engines and mixes in both gasoline and methanol. Carries 53% oxygen, the strongest most powerful oxygenate on the market today!

As printed in "Quad Off-Road Magazine"
August 2008 Issue

"The conclusion after two days on the Dyno, The PowerMist Nitro Plus proved to be the biggest bang for your buck..." ; "The PowerMist Nirto Plus definitely performed the best out of all the additives."

Oxygenating Additive For Diesel
An outstanding oxygenating additive, formulated for high performance Diesel Engines. Truck & Tractor pullers take note of this product! Recommended initial mixing ratio 10%-15%, requires at least 50cc increase in fuel.

N-77 ChemTool Pro
Engine Restorer
In The Oil - In The Gas Cleans the residues from carburetor, fuel systems, fuel injectors, valves, rings, pistons, oil return, lifters, oil pump screen and PVC valve. Regular use of N-77 results in increased compression, top engine performance, less operating costs per mile and fewer repairs. Safe for use with engines equipped with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. For gasoline engines only.

Performance Enhancer

This high powered octane booster is a Racing Only version of our extremely successful, "Fuel Energizer" Performance Concentrate.

PURE RACE utilizes a state of the art additive package first perfected in our racing fuel blends. This concentrated additive was designed for the Racing Only enthusiasts, looking for optimum performance out of their locally available fuels. Also perfect for Spec Fuel and Unleaded Fuel classes.

PURE RACE will blend with any gasoline- works well blended with leaded, unleaded, or av-gas. Improves octane up to 10 numbers, while also scavengers carbon out of the combustion chamber. Major changes in flame speed and pattern across the piston dome helping develop maximum performance and efficiency!

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